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Born in a dungeon during the time of roller-disco and cool, cigarette-smoking tomboys, she still listens to punk rock music on occasion and sleeps with a teddy bear. Spent way too many years traveling around the U.S. with spoken word on stage and has now decided to settle down to raise novels. Published by university press, general press, online magazines, local newspapers, and anthologies - Her ultimate goal is to get out of town.


Artist Statement ---- I write and create. Buy it. :-)


('Oil and Gas' is a billion dollar industry that alters the climate, perpetuates climate change and destroys ecosystems. As a child, I grew up on the ship channel of Houston, Texas and was subjected to years of steel, petroleum and the toxic smells of emission. Anemia, asthma, cancer, mercury poisoning, heart disease - all the effects on humans. I remember swimming in the Galveston bay and wiping oil beads off my skin. The salty smell of the algae became metallic and gaseous over the years, the shells have thinned, the wildlife is diminishing. The sea turtle, the gulls, the fish, blue crabs, etc - all gone. The city of Houston itself has no zoning laws and build build build destroying low lying ecosystems built on the natural occurring bayous - thereby destroying all of the wildlife within - raccoons, birds, plants, etc. .. I grew up near a dumping ground for toxic waste about a mile long. .. All in the name of Oil. They illegally dump, illegally release fumes. We've experienced an ocean of oil, hurricanes, and massive flooding. Fracking is an acceptable way of life with no regard to the effects on earth or us, the inhabitants. 






Editor/Proprietor - online Lit Magazine, Pink Eye Punchade,


-Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX

English/Creative Writing/Studio Arts

-University of Houston, Houston, TX (Creative Writing/Studio Arts)

-Houston Community College (English/Creative Writing/Studio Arts)


The Write Club, SFASU, Mausoleum Poetry Society, Indivisible Lines


Houston’s Propaganda, Halo Ink, Revival-Spoken Word from Lollapalooza, Houston’s Other, Asphyxia Digest, Panhandler Quarterly, Rank and Revue, The Pine Log(SFASU), SFASU Yearbook, Space City Rock, The Momo Reader, Metazen, The Bayou Review, Pink Eye Lemonade, Houston Poetry Fest Anthology, Ballard Street, Rainstorm Press, DeadBeats, The Kitchen Poet, Gloom Cupboard, Gone Lawn Journal.


I'll Never Go Away by Rainstorm Press

Performance/Spoken Word

Downtown Grounds Coffee, Dizzys Wine Bar, Hoi Polloi, West-Mon Art Bar, Harvey’s, Kaldi Café, Southmore House, Brasil, Mary Jane’s (With House Band), Borders Books and Café, Instant Karma, Liquid Lab, Café Artiste, KPFT Pacifica Radio, The Mausoleum (spotlight), Helios Poetry Exhibition, The I-Ball, Poetry in Reverse (, The Artery, Notsuoh (feature), Taft St. Coffeehouse, InPrint, Thought Crime Poetry Showcase (spotlight), Houston Poetry Festival 2011, Invisible Lines Production of “Up Against You”, InterstatePoetry Showdown, Word Around Town 2012, M.E.C.A. Carrying the Seeds – Houston, Tx

Paradise Lounge (spotlight) – San Francisco, CA. Lollapalooza Side Stage ’94 – North America. Think Coffee – New York, NY. Heaven ‘N Hell – Washington D.C. Mango’s – Washington, D.C. Electric Lounge, The Blue Flamingo (With the Cosmyk Vamps - Band) – Austin, TX

Art Exhibits

Documentary by Ryan Hess/Rice University, Art Car Museum (group exhibit), Waldo’s Coffee (solo exhibit), Kohn’s - (“Brain Flicks”), Cornicopia – Houston, TX, Debt Fair – Art League, Houston, Art Car Museum Lives Matter exhibit


Honorable Mention—Texas Collegiate Press Association

Archived in Houston Public Library


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